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Sunny rose

Without cloths

Face and lace

Wet red and paint

On cheek n face

Pure love stains

Cannot erase

The remain

Of a child’s disgrace

. . .


Woman’s heart

Soft tissue scar

Easy access

Easy past guard

Backseat star

Pimped to death

Before elegance

Caught her breath


One last call

Swallowed it all

Another descent

Human for sale

Dark side rent

Pinpoint heart poke

Another street joke

Crackling whore coke


Hand choked


Beauty returned

Hard lesson learned

Small town said

Daughter dead

Hollywood screen

Kills another teen

Hollywood or bust

Camelot or lust

Rich and famous dream

Dirt to dust

Back alley scream

Seen on T.V. Screen

From back seat car

To front page star