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Sitting in the dogwoods

Watching auburn flee from the woods

Hurrying, scurrying down foot dirt trails

They take their leaves

Do they think their escaping somewhere?

Draping brambles and swimming in brooks

Stealing the breeze these little natural crooks

Hide and go seekers without any peepers


.The wind blows the whistle

And they all turn like friends

Spinning little land sharks

Strewed amongst the old bark

Following the leader

Friends till the wind ends


They’ve converted the trees

Into wicks in the sky

Only a few leaves

Left like little spies

When the last leaf falls

You hear the dogwoods cry

As winter winds blow in


Naked and alone

Useless shade sways

Alone for the whole winter

But soon spring will say

All you little leave’s

Back into the trees


I’ve seen majestic green

The coming in of spring

Blooms explode

Tree shade’s overloads

Heavy steps under branches

Spring begins her wind dances


Then here comes summer

Thick tears of sap begin their trip

Down the shade made for hot days

Tree tears begin to drip

For falls around the corner

Slumber comes for lumber again

Beginning the race all over

Flying leaves begin their spin


Dogs begin their barking, leafs again escape

Under the dogwoods I sit

Fulfilled by her escaping grace


But then I faunally realize

We both trace the coldly winter

Nature’s always the winner

Against branches of the human race


So it appears that we are “one with nature”