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And I - all of her

And she - all of me

Shining her stars

Swirling her seas

Making mud

Land and sea

Mud of man

Man of me

And all of us –a we


The making of man and others

God was found in her utters

Creation perhaps!

Milking of a backward stance

Came rain chasing roses away

But in a belted elegant waist

Cloudy blue dance spun in her wait

For a playful God and his mates


God bore of reason

From all four of mans seasons

Yet without her divine intervention

No Father- No ghost -No son

Mothers like no others

Can bare more than one

Or leave you as a seed

Religion became seasons

To cover our vacant holes

Promises without reason

The king became mans woes


Evolution truly digs her

Her solid rock and dirty skin

It matters not your disagreement

Dissolution has been your friend

For back as far as roots can reach

Teaching their holy wines to speak

Bleak – Bleak - Bleak

She’s always been near

She’s always been here

That DNA of men

From the beginning

Until our very end

Carbonites of water

Carbonites of fire

Carbonites of land

Are Carbonites of desire


Backward Stance

The religious dance

Dirt leaves and water

Color all our eyes

Muddying up the glance

You don’t have to see

To be blind

Mother the birthing earth

Sunshine can reach

Weather God made man

Or man made God

Earth was first

Then came thirst

And after it all

We go beneath

Is there to be blame?

What teaching do we know?


Is it religion?

The multiplier of death

Devoutness of war

The loss of innocent breath

Beautiful women

Shouted down as whores

Lovingly passionately

Destroying man and more

Mixing of religion

Is bad to the core

Love by the rule

Or mankind makes haste

Fear is the glory

At the end of this song

The righteous among us

May not really belong!


Earth bless you and keep you safe