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The Witness


Near the home of their heart they try

Below the tear of God’s eye they cry

Guilt is the quilt they must sow

Their insane with the name of the throne

They are the timid duo’s that speak

Bookends against chest as they peek

Into the hollows of our time

Preaching of love so divine

Starched heavy sun light white shirts

Pen in pockets with name of their church

Saving our souls in the name of the son

Releasing sentiments of glory for fun


We want to lock the door and hide

Knowing they won’t leave or say good bye

Until they’ve swept our wicked soul clean

As we try our best not to be mean

Knowing once they start they can’t stop

Are they themselves without sin or not

Are they the heart of God or the clot?

I’m not a cancer just a spot


So we tell them were very busy

Yet they talk until we get dizzy

Doors can only close in politeness

Yet they continue to show us their brightness

Finally in my best Jewish phrase

I tell them it only the Jew who can save

I’m sorry but have a nice day

For the love of God

Please go away.