Feeding Sharks
I know that if I jump into you I won’t hit the bottom
That’s not what I am afraid of                 
Some people give the appearance of being deep
Then you find out that hard way
That jagged rocks hide in shallow murky waters                 ;
The fear is not in hitting the bottom,                     

The fear is in not seeing the bottom                                               

I don’t know what lies in the depths of you  

Maybe some beautiful smooth shells        
Or even a hidden treasure                 
Or maybe the depth is endless         
 Like the ocean floor             
Maybe I will never reach it                                         
But I think I am finally ok with that              
 It is part of the mystery             
Part of the risk                       
It is part of the inward drawing of my heart     
The desire to explore the unknown         
Dive into the uncharted, which I cannot see
We'll feed sharks on the ocean floor