The Romantic


You say that I am a romance

A romantic phrase a lover’s chance

A walk down memory lane

Roses sweet and dewy in summer rain

A dreamer a reveller

Incense of aromatic myrrh

Fluent in languages of the world

Of divine nature and word

A fiction that reads so well

A rhyme slipped into spell

Educated maybe, master storyteller

Lying in grass, I gaze at the passing weather

I pluck and spin and then weave

I am a spider, the web outside is in me

I am romance with many eyes

I am a kiss, a secret or lie

I have learned the way and woe

Of a lover loved and equally broken so




I then turn my gaze, and look at you

Charming you think, how pleasant the smile

Eyes seductive and wise,

A romance, a lover’s chance

Subdued by the scent of my hands

This is your chance, to fall

There is another world, and I will show you

Of word and song, beauty in never-ending blue

I have written down the skies

With each revelation and guise

Spoken of endless stars

Written hymn to my deepest scars

There is something inside

A cage opened every midnight

And a bird, a raven of black plume

Is thus released into the night.