They catch us when we are falling

Nets of safety spread below us

For the one time our trapeze will fail

Waiting patiently strong.

They fix the world to suit our needs

Flat tires, crooked shelves, heavy stuff, pickle jars,

Fixed, straightened, lifted and opened,

All done with pride.

They tell us with words, the things that matter most to them,

Sometimes clearly, sometimes not,

Actions being the definitive,

Truth in devotion.

And they take us away, sweeping us off of our feet,

Swirling us into the sky,

Our toes touching the stars,

Giddy in love.

They promise us affection and happiness,

Following through in ways we’re not aware of,

A kiss while we are sleeping, a glance across the room,

Shameless sincerity.

They make a life with us, for us, because of us,

Married to the thought of life together,

Soul mates need no verification,

Sentiment reigns supreme.

And they lay down the law, when protecting our children,

With shotguns and solid threats,

Intimidating the vultures of the world,

Grizzly bear fashion.

And they hold us at night when we can’t stop crying,

Being the shelter from the storm,

That rages inside us, trying to drown us in tears,

Silent unwavering anchors.

They make us laugh until our sides hurt,

Being silly and fun, telling jokes, playing tickle monster,

Dancing, singing, and horsing around,

Preferred jokers.

They smell of hard work, dirt, metal and sweat,

Metallic scented hormones, race to our loins,

Causing cravings that become addiction,

Dirty lovers.

And when they’re showered clean,

We curl around them like cats, eager to be petted,

Inhaling their skin and nuzzling their necks,

Victims of attraction.

They ask for advice, and expect us to have answers,

Looking to us as a source of solution,

The keys to those locked doors,

Modestly received.

And they trust us with their hearts,

To replenish them with encouragement,

To feed their egos with humility,

Warriors of faith.

They truly are essential, without them there’s no us,

These men in our lives, respect them,


We must.