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You see I lived Tuesday twice
And if I must be more precise
Actually the moment your car drove away
Then it is a blur for the rest of the day.
But it keeps playing over and over in my mind
How I wish I could go back in time
And stop you there so I could drink you in
Then ,when I was done, start it all over again.

To not waste so much of our time

On petty jealousies and foolish lies
You see, if I had to choose a day to relive
And let my memory constantly to it give
It would be Monday, actually that night.
Under the covers holding you tight.
Looking into your eyes and pressed against your skin.
My heart stops and doesn’t want to beat again.
And ask you softly not to go
But knowing you still must though.
Telling you that this is home
The place you meet me and belong.
How life is better and I am stronger
Wishing that I had kissed you a little longer
But the next day still managed to come
And with it ,my love, I went numb
Watching the fading of your tail lights
You see, I'm living Tuesday so much more than twice.

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