As the land of the rising sun lowers

Shaking hands with land and waves


Running stares as bare beating feet

Dazed in this haze of disbelief


Towns unable to swim quickly drown

Lifetimes of living and forgiving

Turned upside down,


Radiant waves of emotion

Wash in from the ocean

Repossessing seaside towns,


On the roofs Orchestrated heads

Dismay floating away the dead

Above and below the ground


Wailing walls of mothers

Religiously search for sons

Neighbors and daughters,


Honorable Father ask Gods

To stop pitiful heart crying

Long enough to die trying


Never to bud in Japanese red mud

Old and new loves fly high above

On the wings of a Japanese dove


This taste of disaster

Is sadder inside the

Cotton covered mouths,


Grace from their face

Replaced in the graves

Placed in the level ground


The families not near

Not here, not anywhere

Not anymore,


Lie’s in their mind hide

The truth in the rubble

From yesterdays past,


88 year old grandmother carried on the

Character of a granddaughter’s back

Sacred memories carried in a muddy sack,

.                       .

God save this girl and her world

From this angry sea’s attack

In gods name we of all nations ask.