sometimes we miss things the most
when we’re right in the middle of them
we could be swimming in the most beautiful waters
and we can’t see the size of the ocean
only that we’re paddling for dear life

it’s no secret why we’re sinking
we want so desperately to enjoy the moment
we forget to breathe

we feel like we’re not really living
unless there’s a record of it
broadcasted for other humans
to enter into
because our experiences mean nothing
if they’re not shared

even as we drown
in a tsunami of opinion
pulling down what we love with us
let us be wrong
let us be ridiculed
let us be hated
but please, don’t let us be alone

an endless black sea all around
with the universe coming out our fingertips
the blinding light reflects on water
back into our tired eyes
let us float on our backs
until the edge of the world
let our arms and legs give way
but please, don’t let us forget to live