An adroit child's view & assessment of the continued Final Unraveling; one piece from a body of two dozen "The Billy & Jen Series."  Art by Artist/Poet/Collaborator Terrianne U. Swift.

Arkansas (Ark?) Louisiana (Katrina?) Sweden (Suicide?) Hitchcockian '63...



“Hey Jennie do ya

wanna come over I got t

a new Atomic


Robo Dogs Of War "

“What is that?” “Oh, It’s so cool,

just about my best


favorite Comix!” “Is

this the thing you Read in School?”

“Oh, sure, everyday!”


“I’m Reading something,

too…” “Oh, cool, what?” “Ya want to

come over?” “Sure, I’ll


bring…” “No!, we’ll Read mine.”

“O.K., what’s It called?”

“Chicken Little.” “Ohh, Jennie,


I know that, that’s a

baby’s Book, It’s…" “Billy, chunks

of Sky are Falling!”




                   (R. Shapiro, et al)