The first awaken moment of your baby

The realization you are all they have

The short bouncing in the air laughter with drool

The look they give you just before their first wobbling step

The look upon their face as sleep takes them

The stare to the middle of nowhere with innocent eyes

The toothless unstoppable grin that wins you every time


The transfer of their love you taught them, to another

The first real big decision without need of acknowledgement

The loud crack of their heart they won’t let you hear

The pain they alone must endure

The day of shipping out to war

The day you give them your suitcase for life

“Beautifully Painful”

The quiet vacant sounds of a childless home

The sadness in their eyes thinking of you

The whisper of Shhh! I’ll still see you around Pops

The telling them that they won’t