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Landslides in the name of love

Under avalanches of her heartache

Her hills heave my earthquakes

Her fire colored dust sedates me

Her hands, hold seashores, and my land

Her soul is too airy to stay grounded

She calls from that secret place I know

And hot spring of steam rises effortlessly

A tropical tree tears loose, from the forest floor

Her sun so sweet flows down, and surrounds my core

As lavender valley’s awaits kisses of mist to rise

He knows, better to wait, until stars fall into her eyes

Evening jasmine fondles and fills our senses

I call out the hummingbirds to hover over head

Pink poinsettias point to nature’s natural gifts

We wait intimately for waterfalls to wet our sounds

Here in loves arms with her, I whisper rains name

With freshly cut flowers, she stains my soul, my name

She breathes; desert dust rises up, and stirs me again

Purified, we bask, and then bathe, with the boulder in the bay

I say her name gentle, and she strands my day

Landslides, love does have your name.