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Whimsy twilight invades us now

can you feel it

underneath the moon's silver glow

Promise again you'll never go.

Dizzy fireflies dance among us

can you see them?

So near and so far away

I reach my out my hand to dance with them.

Hazy fumes of smog surround

Can you smell it?

A chill crawls up my spine,

That dreaded spark of almost light,

It's almost time for dawn,

Can't you sense it?

Was I wrong to want,

No, to long for this moment?

Swirls of purple and blue greet the sun,

Isn't it beautiful? Cant you see it?

You could if you'd open your eyes,

Why must we part and say goodbye?

I closed my eyes for a short moment,

Dreams of love & old times-

I opened my eyes to the full wrath of the sunlight,

And still missed the chance for goodbye.