Time ticking away falling from my hands

Time going astray falling through like sand

The whole world is waiting for me to arrive

Do you think they care if I weren’t alive?

Just watch me crumble into a mess on the floor

Like sand

If my life were an hour glass

Could I make up for the time that passed?

With sand

The sand that it’s me should flow

But it only chooses to crash

The choices of which I made cause the sand to fall through fast

Turn this sand into glass watch it drop and shatter

Into a life that doesn’t even matter

Pick up all the pieces if you can even find them all

And see what it becomes before it falls

The water rest upon the sand

And it feeds the peace within me

The calling of the wind it stands

And comes to defend me

While I try to find my way

Through this hectic land

Feels like I’m in a storm

That is blinding my vision like sand

If there’s a picture to my story

It probably would be sand