Fake ass people got nothin’ better to do but waste my time
Waste my time with your fake ass words and your fake ass mind
Always running your mouth talkin’ a bunch of fake ass shit
Haven't you got any class or wit
You look at me and grin with that fake ass smile
And then keep talkin' that fake ass shit all the while
I’ll never listen to you, the words you say I’ll never believe
Because all you do is lie, cheat and deceive
So when you speak all I hear are those fake ass lies
I can see right through you, right through those fake ass eyes
Trying to say what you think people want to hear
So caught up in your fake ass shit that you can’t even think clear
You try and make friends, you want to be part of the pack
But as soon as they turn around your fake ass stabs them in the back
You keep those legs open hoping the guys will like you and think you're cool
But in actuality you’re just a fake ass hoe and you look like a fool
You want people to like you, you’re always trying to impress
Can’t let us know who you really are because deep down you’re just a mess