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post-mortem depression coming on again
like a fly splattered against the windshield/
no surprise/ a moment of stasis/ unending nothingness/
and then truth/ bewildered i find myself in some
dive bar/ a gay guy buys me drinks and i don't refuse/
his yapping subsides to the bad radio music bleedng
out the bottom of the barrel 90's rock/
the streets are wet/ clean/ the people are dirty/ uninteresting/
they pass by the window and nothing makes me sadder/
groups of well bred, happy, worry free people laughing/
at ease with one another/ the world could end and they'd
still have that dumb, shit eating grin on their faces/ content
that they're content/ surprised that someone would be
otherwise/ i turn back to my drink/ a tall beer eyeing me
down/ and to the gay guy still flapping his jaw/ at least the
beer is here/ at least until it's gone.

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