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I am what I am

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"Runner-up in the Open Community Poetry Contest for the period October-December, 2010"-ed.



From the nipple to the cigarette

From the bottle to the beer

From the garbled bubbles of infant communication-

To the loud vulgar words that spew today.

I am what I am.

I am the daughter of the sweetest grand-mother-

I always will be.

From Bugs Bunny to the 9 o’clock news,

From the tricycle to the 92 Dodge Caravan,

From the broken arm of swinging from trees,

To the broken spirit of everyday blues-

I am what I am.

I am the grand-daughter of the man who did not have to be her grand-dad-

I always will be.

From Crayola crayons to oil pastels,

From mother’s home to on her own,

From the “Eww, Mom! Boys are gross!”

To “Mom, I'm thinking he's the one!"

I am what I am.

I am the daughter of the good intentions' mother-

I always will be.

From caring constantly about what other's think to not caring at all,

From splitting weekends between mom and "dad" to no weekends at all-

From little girl with big blue eyes,

To full grown woman with her own life-

I am what I am

I am the daughter of the man who did not want to be her father-

I always will be.

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Very impressed. You took a subject that a less talented poet would have made sappy and cliche, and made it a short, mature history of a person. A touching and thoughtful poem. Well done.

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