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J-Shiu - On the Rise

             I recently had the opportunity to meet with J-Shiu a.k.a. Jarett Shiu, a local rap artist born and raised here in Honolulu, he is young and fresh with ideas, waiting to break the glass. The Bio on his Web Page reads: “Love God, family, sports, music, and money in that order...Always on the come up, always pushin’ forward...”  And to meet the man himself you would see why his priorities are listed in that order.

            He is very humble, his day job consists of helping disabled children function in normal society. I once ran into him on the bus on his way to take the kids on an important errand. It was very heart-warming to see how the kids responded to him. You could tell that he cared.

           On the other hand, I have seen J-Shiu free-style and from a music enthusiast who loves good lyrics, quick wit and a little bit of partying, this kid has talent and is definitely someone that you want to keep tabs on.


I was able to catch up to J to ask a few questions:

Q: What first made you start making music?

A: For me it was more like friends in high school that I played basketball with. The older guys would free style, and I got involved in that. When I was a kid my all of my older family played local music and I was around it a lot. I really enjoyed it.


Q: Who did you grow up listening to?

A: I grew up listening to Ka’ au Crater boys, Kalapana, Bob Marley and a lot of local music.


Q: How long have you been rapping?

A: I really got serious about it about 2 years ago, in 2009 and 2010 I started doing shows.


Q: What genre would you classify your music in?

A: Party rap, chillin’ music it’s not too hard-core. It’s more about just chillin’ and enjoying life.


Q: Do you have any upcoming events?

A: Some things are in the works. I will keep you up-dated.


Q: Where are you from?

A: Born and raised in Honolulu.


Q: If you could open for anyone dead or alive who would it be?

A: Drake, because we have the same vibe and I like how he came up from nothing and now he is respected as an artist.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: I see myself opening up for big acts local, nationally, or even internationally. I see myself doing big things. It would be great to headline.


Q: What is your dream as an artist?

A: Just to be successful enough to be able to provide for the family, my Mom and Pops and the community and all the people along the way. It would be great to be able to give back to all the people who have supported me in my life.


You can find all of J-Shiu's music @ http://www.reverbnation.com/808jshiu 

 but f Tracks and hfhdff

But here are a few teasers that will get your blood pumping...

Look out world! J-Shiu is on the rise!








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