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Jul 12, 2023

I‘ll love you

Poetry Hannah Hartje 102
i‘ll love you till my tea gets cold,
until I close my book.
I‘ll love you till I leave my room, until I wake up from this dream.
I‘ll love you for evermore.
Jun 26, 2023


Poetry andres idrovo 106

I'm tryina finish a second chapbook of 20 poems


then sneak is thin

an inch is in

transition is trinsition




1 The Watchtower


Embryos and fluids

More sez smoke than a…

Jun 14, 2023

The reason why I flinch

Poetry Niki M Betsill 238
You ask me, why I flinch,
At every sudden movement,
That I don't see coming.
Like I expect to be hit.
It's  a leftover reaction,
like A residual tic.
A predetermined mechanism Physically attempting to…
Jun 10, 2023

Stand Alone

Poetry Shahna vk 264
Stand alone girl,
You are making it better, even alone, those arms will never hold you again, neither you will see their smile nor their shadows.

That one who smiled at you on your triumph, yes he is…
Jun 04, 2023

Ancestors of Scripture

Poetry Teresa Nash 122
They were bold and they wrote and they ate sheep but not goats,
And they lived and they laughed,
And they kicked evils ass!

They were strong,
They were brave,
They weren't anyone's slave,
And they are who…

Published & Contest Winning Poetry

June 29, 2017 Published & Contest Winning Poems Mary Rose Fair 30170 5


"Winner of the Open Community Poetry Contest for the period April 1 - June 30, 2017. See commentary below."-Ed.

"Scientists have long considered the ability to recognize oneself in a mirror to be an index of high cognitive ability...there is every reason to suspect that elephants may be capable of far more complex cognition than is currently…
June 22, 2017 Published & Contest Winning Poems Joey Turner 29409 2


"Runner-up of the Open Community Poetry Contest for the period April 1 - June 30, 2017."-Ed.

A branch’s charcoal shadow
cast by an evening sun
traces a single line of trifling ants
following in file under an oak’s shade
avoiding the rays, scurrying;

Interviews & Culture

August 04, 2017 Contributor Interviews Staff Writers 2281

An Interview with Mary Rose Fair

Mary Rose Fair, a young poet, student, and lover of dance, is our featured poet for her winning poem, “Elephants.” Following her award for winning our Open Community Poetry Contest, I sat down with Fair and tried to talk with her more about elephants, love, and memory. 

What drew you to the subject matter? What is it about elephants?

I was drawn…
October 23, 2011 Contributor Interviews Administrator 9357

Recent Interview with Michael Miller

An Interview with Michael Miller, winner of the Open Community Poetry Contest, January-March, 2011

by John Winn

Staff Writer

Hennen's Observer

Known as michaelmiller.ic to contributors and visitors to the website hennensobserver.com, Michael Miller Jr. is as mysterious as the allegories he employs.  With little more to go on that an arm tattoo…

October 22, 2011 Contributor Interviews Administrator 8791

Recent Interview with H. E. Mantel

An interview with H.E. Mantel, winner of the Open Community Poetry Contest (for the period October—December, 2010) conducted February 28, 2011.

by John Winn

Staff Writer

Hennen's Observer

Harold E. Mantel has been a mainstay in the literary community ever since he burst on the scene almost a decade ago. Since then many of his poems and prose,…

Published & Contest Winning Prose

March 10, 2010 Published & Contest Winning Prose Neil Donnelly 61093 5

Fogtown: A Musical

Again the dusk has filled this town with fog a sight I've grown accustomed to; odd shapes and silhouettes become dancers and these cracked calloused streets have become their stage. As they dance a bullfrog belches in the background a light wind rustles…


  • A world of his own

    He lived thousands of lives
    Known by hundreds of names
    Once he was an explorer, a sailor, a ruler
    He was all he could ask for 
    A spy, a painter, a failure 
    He had experienced it all 
    He shed tears seeing others suffer 
    And spread joyous vibe in the happy ever after 
    Facades of people, secrets of world .
    You name it, he got it all.
    He traveled the world, without moving a finger 
    Because, he called it the 'power of reader.' 
  • All Good Things Come to a End

    You made me smile
    We were really good friends
    We have not talked in awhile
    Our relationship has come to an end
  • At last - I fell for him

    He unzipped my scars,
    adapted my soul,
    ignored the raw,
    brought the best in me,
    I had stopped chasing at all,
    made me love again,
    drank my impurities,
    as if I, the irresistible wine,
    invested his time,
    as if I, the only worship,
    I want him now,
    as if he, my being's ambrosia,
    I pray him now,
    as if he, my only divine wish!!
  • Bela, The Town Girl

    In a little town called Rabela
    There lived a little girl named Bela
    Her little life, so simple and plain
    Away from all the chaos and pain
  • Dawn

    The stars of the dying night cry out,
    To the one rising; 
    And knowing the end to their life no doubt,
    They fade, compromising.
  • Death of a Broken Heart

    The thought of you lifts my 
                                                                y     .           .           .
    It lifts me so high I fly
    But then I f
                    for you bringing m
                           back down to earth,
    But you weren't there to catch m
                               So I hit the ground,
                             And broke my  .   .   .  h . e . a . r . t .
  • Father dearest

    I've never been one to judge, 
    But it's come time for your reckoning. 
    Justified injustice of character, 
    Quite subpar. 
  • Fine

    How are you? Fine. Sure, you're fine, a pitiful piece of you just came as a fleeting family member left but you're fine. You just lost a competition you've been work towards for months but you're fine.

  • Her Broken Heart

    A ripped shell holds the inevitable
    The lost vow thought unbreakable
    Her swollen core cracking slowly
    Freeing the feelings she thought so lowly
  • Hidden Heroes

    This poem is for the ones who risk their lives

    So that friends and family and strangers can live their lives in peace at home

    For the ones who have hope, and privilege to win

    and have the wounds and scars, mentally and physically to prove it


  • I knew a man George

    I knew a man name George 
    He ate a gorge
    He never lied
    That would make him cried
  • I've Been Here Before

    Sitting across from you
    While you're dressed in matching green,
    Listening to the sound of your voice stringing together words
    In a long line that doesn't make an ounce of sense.
    "Time, date, day.
    Time, date, day.
    What's your name again?"
    I try to find you,
    but you don't seem to be home.

    I've been here before.
    Only it wasn't you,
    It was him.

    I've already heard the nonsensical ramblings of a mind that didn't belong.
    I've seen the vacancy sign flicker in a pair of eyes
    I no longer recognized.

    I've been here before.
  • I've got words

    I've got words
    Lots to say but their stored away
    Even when I need to release them the most
    I'm the quiet one, meek and mild
    They call me the 'golden child'
    But they don't know what goes on in my mind
    They are indisputably blind
  • In loving times

    In loving times,  when our hearts were paired
    Life was great,  in the feelings between us shared. 
    Our relationship flourished,  And contentment grew
    In each other we trusted,  in the years love did pursue. 
  • Judge Me Not

    What is it like to not be judged in a world where being yourself is just not enough? What is it like to be yourself and get a hug without being judged and getting mugged by someone who barely even knows you but they’re scared of what they think they know but don’t know anything about so they lash out on you and lose control, funny right? But I guess that’s how life goes people get mad about things they can’t control. How does it feel to be loved by someone who sees all your imperfections as a high and can see themselves with you for the rest of your life?
  • Jump

    Jumping here and there
    With a care
    Going without care
  • Life

    The stage of life is gigantic.
    Each of us plays a part.
    Some are cast in supporting roles,
    While others lead from the start.
  • Memory

    My lifeless body roams the way a ghost does its' ancient mansion walls
     Invisible, I stumble through the world with a mask praying it doesn't fall 
     You destroyed me.
     Murdered my soul and shattered my spirit
     I am smashed stained glass -
     I am out together but in fractured pieces 
     I am transparent
  • Mother of Me

    Regulations of expectations
    Altering my perception
    Of individuality and expression
    I apologize that this body of mine
    Isn't what society thinks is divine
    Sorry that my breasts aren't capacious
  • Music in the beat

    Music uplifts my mood
    Ressurect my soul
    Lightens my day
    And makes me smile

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