Days just fly by. I am truly grateful, I am. I arise each day before light breaks and retire before the clock chimes for me to return before Sleep turns his back on me. A threat so real.

Today is a great day. By all standards...the sun and clouds made friends...Rain took a break and Wind took over. I seek refuge in his blessed company, walking along the infamous Orchard Road with Sunshine. But if only this moment froze for nice. Walking hand in hand we strolled through the streets of glow; smiles and laughter ever uplifting happy thoughts and joyous moods. You forget the troubles of the day. What remains is a choice.

From the time I can recall, I have always had the privilege of choosing my innermost pursuits. Be it a toy, a place to dine, or even, a thought. I was never denied. This never struck me as anything but my divine human right to quality living. It was education that unshut the kaleidoscope of this world, of events so gripping, that I began to appreciate my lot in life. Oh how odd, I used to marvel, that we share a sky so blue, and yet, not share the same outcomes. Just across the seas, lives are so different. People in basic needs not met, and "happiness", an alien word. So indeed there is much to celebrate to and hope to be grateful for. Carpe diam.

No sadness cannot be understood but it is felt only by those who are specifically endowed. For those who intuitively sense, they are gifted. For those who understand pain, they are blessed. Worrisome folks would kill to unbound themselves but only to fathom that this in itself, is a presence some would hope to possess for a while so that more observable and attainable wealth is conceived. This world is passing us as I pen but it need not past us by if we grasp it by the hands of time and live it as it deserves. It is needful. To perceive and to receive this wonderous awareness is an epiphany, bestowed on those selected few.

So live on bravely we often hear. I reckon it means live it up. Pardon those who try and do not succeed, for theirs is the kingdom of the lonely. With all our faculties we must not simply exist but we ought to strive to make a difference. The first-steps we partook from the day we set foot to walk, we forged to leave footprints worthy of read. If we but try, all things equal, we will not fail compared to those who never did. Do not wait. Days may seem to fly by but we must arise to walk this walk. No matter how long it may seem, do stop to take stock. For sure, it is a walk that will enliven if you listen and sought heaven.