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Sing to me Seattle in downfalls of operatic rain, Cali from California settles the sunsets down along her sunshine shore without any of your pain. But you’re in love with your rain face, you’re in love with paradise flowers, and if birds of paradise could fly along with them you and I would reside under the Seattle’s sky. Then by morning we would pour out our hearts and feelings on the sand of some Seattle beach, along with raindrops and blues waiting for the Seattle sun to breach. So sing to me Seattle in a wet and sorrowful tune, as if no one else could or would ever hope to fall in love with you.


Her rain face fell into the haze, fog from the shore penetrated her translucent Seattle skin. He sent her bent flowers of forgiveness, payment for his treachery, for his cheating heart, for his mistaken identity of love. It turns out her beauty had betrayed her once again. He had traced his lust all over her heart thinking it was love. But after the sex he no longer desired her and knew he had mistaken her for his one and only. Her knees dropped to the floor like a heavy quicksilver sunset. Her pain was pointed with an injection of failure. Once again she was only the bait for true love.   She believed that her beauty was the ugliest monster in the world for always being the cause of her pain, and she felt she would carry this cross until she was old and ugly, maybe even dead. Beauty she thought must surely be a hater, why else bring these men to her only to pass like a meteorite in the night landing in an icy cold lake. Seems men loved her waterfall hair and sapphire tarnished eyes but they always missed the fire diamond mine hidden inside, beauty always is becoming to a man’s lust she thought to herself, a lesson she was going to have to learn. What should I do make scars my face, eat tons of ice cream till I’m massive, only brush my teeth once a year or eat like an overfed hog that can’t get enough? Regretfully she never realized that it wasn’t her and that there is no cure for shallow men or the shallow waters that they hunt and spawn in. She just assumed it was her fault, her transparent skin, her failure, her fate, her crucifixion, especially her beauty.

Another ten years passed her up like a Lear jet engine on fire heading for the ground. Sure other men came calling but she refuse to engage in another sexual masquerade. She learned during this time alone that her lonely winters would find a spring residing within herself. She was beautiful inside and out and if all those men with shiny shoes couldn’t get past their polish, so be it. Morning broke like a shattered mirror full of reflections of regret. A loud thunderous crash of glass had awakened her. She didn’t know it but her world was about to spin out of control. She pulled back her sea foam green curtains and saw that the trash man dropped her trash can from high up on the truck and onto the street, spewing the contents all about. Then she became horrified and angry when she noticed the trash man was reading from a piece of discarded yellow notebook paper. The kind she wrote her most introspective thoughts on, her poetry. Without pause she leaped from bed dawning her slippers and as if they were formula one racers one sped in front of the other racing toward the checker flag her front door while simultaneously closing her matching pink robe. A volley of insults toward the man were being dispensed from her unmade face. She was in a tirade as she approaching within inches of his face. How dare you go through my stuff as if it were open to public review she began to shout! Just because you’re a trash man doesn’t give you the right to probe and prod through once discarded items. Then suddenly she realized she had not brushed her hair or teeth, chocolate stains adorn her robe from last night’s feast of sorrow, she had no makeup on and worst of all being just a few inches away from this total stranger. My god she instantly though my breath must reek. How strange she thought that this man’s lips were slightly curled up in a smirk, was it my breath but then she noticed his eyes, oh my god his eyes were gorgeous and she could see he wasn’t even looking at her face. No he was diving deep, deep inside of her eyes, he was looking inside at her at that long lost diamond mine.

She immediately tried to recover by stepping back and fussing with her every which way hair. Give me that she said as she grabbed at the yellow paper. It’s beautiful he said, beautiful. The poetry on the paper this is yours, beautiful again he said. He gave her a once over with his eyes and thought to himself quizzically that the outside of her could use a little paint and maybe a little air freshener, but inside of those eyes was a rare and priceless beauty. She was so embarrassed about her appearance and breath but was surprised she found that she was alarmingly smitten by this strange trash man. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a pack of lifesavers, offering one to her he jokingly said; I guess we know now how they got their name huh? She looked back at him smiling with the same depth he had stared at her with, then slowly took the lifesaver from his palm accepting his offer. There might as well have been fire and electricity implanted in his palm because she immediately felt lightning strikes hit her heart and hot flashes swarm all over her flawless body. She took the symbolic life saver as an offering and quickly popped it into her mouth because it was anything but flawless with morning breath.

Sorry about your paper he said; one of my new trainee’s dropped your trash can from the automatic lift and things went everywhere. I thought I would help him pick it up when I noticed there was a poem on the paper. “Sing to me Seattle in downfalls of operatic rain, Cali from California settles sunsets along her sunshine shore without any of your pain” I thought it was beautiful, is it yours? I love poetry so I began to read it when I almost got hit by a high speed redheaded tornado, ha ha. I guess I was a being a little naughty reading your stuff huh. I would say sue me but…. now days you just might, then he laughed again.

As he began to explain to her that he owned the largest refuge company in the world including this one and was out checking on his businesses his voice in her ears seem to just fade away into silence. She was focusing on his mouth and his lips, and as he spoke she was thinking that the kisses from his lips would be wonderfully sweet, sweet enough to melt in her lips and in her mouth, perhaps little chocolate kisses of pleasure maybe. He had great lines on his face, you know the sturdy kind and eyes that could look into you deeper than last night’s dark chocolate candy that still lingered on her robe. She hadn’t had feeling like this since those heavy quicksilver days. She couldn’t believe her own thought, she wanted him to come inside her house, inside her bedroom and inside her right this minute, her thoughts were at a fever pitch and not one of them was clean. Suddenly she realized he was asking her something and brought her focus back to the here and now. I’m sorry I didn’t quite hear what you were asking me she said. He said; I was just joking with you I wanted to know if you always got this dressed up when going out to meet new people. Before she could answer him the trash truck driver came around the front of the truck and said I got this mess boss, I made it and I’ll pick it up, sorry lady it’s my first day and I was too anxious with the tilt handle. She responded a little coyly, I know what you mean which drew a quizzical look from Mr. Fire hands. He took her arm and began walking her back to her door apologizing again for the mishap. Maybe I could buy you a cup of coffee to make up for this he said. Which she responded to, surprising herself “why wait I have coffee inside and some dark chocolate that matches those deep dark eyes of yours”. He nodded yes and smiled at her and the two of them proceeded into her house and ended up ordering groceries, wine and chocolate that lasted them for the next two weeks. When they finally emerged from the house it was for a quick trip to Vegas to get married. She would die in his arms thirty two years later. The large chocolate stain remained on her robe covering her heart as a reminder how sweet love could be. He always preferred her without makeup and came to nickname her Cali.

He sold all his holding later that year and bought an island in the warmth of the Caribbean where the Seattle rain takes its vacations, he built a cathedral as her final resting place. He spent the entire two billion dollars he divested on purchasing the island, the cathedral, and building a Caribbean chocolate factory. He named the factory The Cali Caribbean Chocolate Club, and the inscription over the chocolate factory entrance door simply read “Cali, the Sweetest Kisses on Earth”.

A tradition was sparked at the Cali’s factory during the very first day the factory opened as two lovers began to kiss passionately underneath Cali’s sign, and as soon as Cali’s husband noticed them he grabbed two large chocolate kisses, ran over and fed them to the couple asking them to then try another passionate kiss right there and then. Everyone close to these two lovers began smiling and applauding and then laughing as each of them smeared their love and their chocolate all over each other’s mouth and then their faces with their Cali chocolate tongues. The audience that day heard him tell the people there that he wanted everyone to learn that it’s possible to devour love like a piece of chocolate, with passion and laughter. Find that diamond mine in each of you and mine it for all its worth. From that day forward anyone willing to take the chocolate in their mouth and kiss passionately under Cali’s sign was given two strange shape chocolate cones which became known as “Chocolate Kisses” Anyone for a Cali Kiss? You can get one for the price of a smooch.