A piece of modern art created by the mysterious underground artist known only as “El Franco James”. Some say he is a ghost from the past dropping pieces of artistic wisdom into the future while others claim he is a tormented student trying to change the world one piece at a time. Some completely dispel his existence all together*. 

The ticket is that: a West Midlands bus ticket. The question, “FREEDOM?” scribbled hurriedly on the back, with scratchy underlining, ties with the transport dependent modern world. With the possibilities of transport to any location at our finger tips, are we truly finally granted the freedom that humanity has so long striven to find? El Franco seems to taunt humanity with this piece, is this the freedom that we deserve, or is it the freedom we expect?

Due to the mysterious and questionable nature of El Franco James, as well as the piece, the bidding will start low, at a mere 50 pence. A piece of art history in the making, this is surely an excellent purchase. 

The winner of the auction will receive the ticket through envelope and will have the freedom of displaying the piece wherever and whenever they so desire.

*El Franco James may not actually exist.