Dear Poker Buddies


Never had I thought I could bare this place I now love here with the loss of my ego and completion of sexual contentment I’ve begun looking at women from above the hips and under the curl. How much time I missed in their hidden scented sisterhood, and now my eyes fall into shameful regret from the lies my vision sold to me.   Oh we men with our horny seed of failure, us with our heated trouser, never allowing these orchids the freedom to bloom naturally in a virgin sun.  I beseech thee the women of my world to forgive me for my lost ignorance and also those of lesser men.

Lesser men who would find more in their loving of all things, lesser men finding a woman’s forgiveness to be forever sweeter and fonder than that of any man’s back pat.  Women who in their un-eagled nest teach us how touching under the skin has the sweet side effect of friendship. And so it is with this devout acknowledgment of this unbiased supremely difference of man and woman that I suggest we men, must pass our kingdom torch that burns off of ego and success, relinquishing the world we have compromised with words like “this is a man’s world” and other macho bull pucky.  Let us hand over control to the gentler half of our chemistry and become greatly relieved and better off for it.  

My mirrored clocks tic away the days in the echoing of blind sight threw newer eyes, having punctured the wisdom of my old heart with piercing perceptions of passion, possessed only by the fairer sex.  And although windy days have blown away my sailcloth’s with youthful savoir-faire, I shall set my second hand clock in time with that of those women of omen, never having their true selves corrupted by the dastardly deeds of servitude, or to that of a manly master plan. “Give me womantry or give me a life”

Men of my own bone, who gather free, we’ve tried our best and failed this world, bowing now on at least one knee, in review of today’s politics, war, perversion, starvation, random killings of one’s own kin, the indignity and moreover the atrocity of man own guided religion, which is responsible for more violence in the world than even our failing government. I could go on with these condemnations of things like child abuse, economics, ego, and a million other reasons to give the world over to women.  But none greater than the simply proof of women who have been in our lives and shared their forgoing ability of forgiveness in us, which is vapid in men at best, these women who have held power in their hands, never caressing the idea of malice or even entering an engagement of war, as those like Mother Teresa, Golda Meir, the Madonna, Shirley Temple Black, Joan of Arc, and of course the football players we all love and agree with, their number one, “Mom”

I invite all you inside my bones for the truth that is good in me, to admit freely this world to be better off with caring women over the bloodshed of brave warriors.  I believe if we rein in all our contrite pain and varnish our truths with our past failures; only one choice stands in honor.  Let the girls have their eventual inheritance and have dominion in the sunrises of this, their new world.  I know women are not flawless, but they shine as diamonds next to us Viking minded Stonehenge men. 

I may or may not be the first to ask this in all seriousness as a man, from a man, and for all preempted men, but I fear time is moving away from mankind and soon the bugles of revelry will sound in the ears of our children.  Countries that employ women as their leader see a rapid decline in war and anger, and also see an increase in cohesiveness of the communities they govern. (Hey my wife just left the room guys,) E-mail me back in secret code if you’ll still will have me in the men’s poker club, “You MUST know she forced me to write this” p.s. don’t send the E-mail here, she’ll kill me. Oh shit! She’s coming back, I’ve gotta go.


As I was saying about these timid little creatures……….