He claimed to be a soldier of fortune,
But who's fortune did he defend?
Was he a member of God's heavenly army?
Or was he fooling himself to no end?

He was telling the truth,
Of that she was certain,
He knew details and specifics,
He had lifted the curtain,
And she listened intently,
She did not shy away,
She knew in her heart,
She'd marry him one day,
And impressed was her heart,
That he was a soldier,
That he was so strong,
But nobody told her,
That a mercenary in life,
Isn't such a fine thing,
That it's someone who kills,
To gain their own things,
And now that their love story,
Has become broken and blue,
She's left to wonder daily,
If he was telling the truth,
But the signs were all there,
The broken body and soul,
His feet were a mess,
"From the boots" she was told,
His eyes looked much older,
Then his 35 years,
So, so, so much older,
And he didn't see clear,
But he knew so many things,
Things that she'd never heard of,
He taught her about love,
And the God he had word of,
Loyalty and respect,
Honor and devotion,
He offered her these,
With stoic emotion,
He was so sad and so broken,
But she didn't know why,
It didn't matter,
She made him her guy,
Now almost two decades later,
Are gone in the wind,
They both probably wish,
They could start over again,
Cause halfway through,
Satan grabbed her attention,
And soldier or not,
She left with intention,
He went from broken to shattered,
He splintered with force,
And she started a run,
As an addict and whore,
She broke open too,
Let each sliver slide south,
Let go of her goodness,
And he clamped shut his mouth,
He didn't pursue her,
He just let her go,
Even though she still loved him,
Her sickness took hold,
Her sickness of fear,
Her sickness of heart,
Her sickness of faith,
And they both fell apart,
And he drank to not feel,
And she smoked to feel good,
He laid down in sorrow,
She moved to the hood,
Then the chase started there,
I AM was His name,
Chasing her as fast,
As fast could get game,
And she ran day and night,
And she searched for her God,
Wondering where it was,
That He had gone,
And her husband was silent,
Maybe wishing her dead?
But it was never him,
That she ran and fled,
Not God or her guy,
Did she intend to leave,
She got tricked by the devil,
Sin put her at ease,
And imprisoned now,
Maybe forever,
She writes these lines,
To prove her endeavor,
She misses her husband,
She still loves him so,
It's been of no use,
Trying to let go,
And Jesus she's found,
Although still an infant,
In having faith,
Such a small imprint,
And it's because of I AM,
That her mind flounders back,
To those days when they first met,
When his tongue was unchecked,
He had told her the truth,
Of that she was sure,
His words rang so true,
And his hearts' always been pure,
He spoke of God then,
Of faith and of patience,
She admired his strength,
And his words all did make sense,
So, was he a soldier for God?
Or for the devil himself?
Did he get chased down too?
Like she did in stealth?
It's a mystery to both,
But the stories not finished,
Love conquers ALL,
And theirs isn't diminished,
Divorce has not happened,
God himself hates divorce,
And LOVE is the key,
It's life's driving force,
So, who knows what will happen,
Or what dreams may come,
But she knows in her heart,
Their love story's not done...
He loved her so,
And didn't give up,
She practiced scripture,
To fill both their cups,
A reunion soon,
In the eyes of God,
She'll be wearing white,
And he'll be so proud,
Life on Earth,
Just temporary,
Their hearts now all healed,
No hurt left to carry,
Tattooed on their spirits,
I love you my Ellis,
My Ellis, my dearest.
(The girl who broke your heart, and the woman that will help heal it).