And so it begins dastardly deeds rolling up the desiderata to light fire to weeds.

Ego’s firing a shot from a lonely dark room to injure the innocent children not born God looks down on you in disarray wondering what happened. That was not the heat he released into your heart, throwing dirt in hopes of burying red hot words of fire, shaming the white robes of the Dali Lama, for what? A few steps inside a bottle stained green.  A dishonorable discharge from a gun with two clicks left in hopes of making it right, all because some gave lifting to this heavy burden we all together must carry. Oh how heavy must be your weight, come the next morning as beautiful bounties lay sprawled at your feet, those earlier giving praise, now mourning the carcasses of their comrades. What must have beseeched the upsetting deserving the chocking of razor across the throats?

 What causes your curving of the darkness into a pointed weapon of words more powerful than a heart bullet?  All over again this sin against your brother Kane? A pox way into your easing soul as darkness befalls so many, but again I must still forgive thee. Because you are my brother Kane, and I will again and again lift up the hearts in the window relying that the great Dali Lama saw truth in light not darkness. I shall not scold these children or brothers and sisters reprimanding them for soaring high with their paper wings. This is our calling, and we are soldiers of peace in the field of battle with only our words to protect us from the old.  Perhaps your truth is right in words of guidance, like a critical care ward poking around at the wound, but for each of us we must venture into all the worlds and die for ourselves, without help, having time too praise the living. As for me, I’ve seen monsters lurk outside my window before. I will invite you in like I did them, into my warm room that took decades to build with blistering hot hands, in hopes you will sit with me in front of the warm fireplace that soon will sit in front of you. Please come in and have some cookies and hot chocolate, Mr. Monster.

“If you can, help others, if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them” My Dali Lama