Sing along, when the songs begin
At the funeral of
       your kin
You all grieve now
       its to late
Never to put a
dime in the
collection plate
This the ending of
           it all
    Never allow.              another
      tear to fall
I finaly had anuff
Thinking its only             bluff
  I have Nothing          left to say
No more pain now it all goes.              away

     Last thing remebered was Sitting on edge of         my bed
Raise the glock up to my head
 Empty out some.         hot lead
Sinking feeling in         my guts
Think to myself        im going nuts
  Just a single bullet inside the               gun
This is were i had         some fun
Spin the cylder real dam quick
Anuff tension to make me sick
What a rush hear            click
Then i spin the.      cylinder again
This time aloud             boom
A deafing noise of impending doom
Flash of light how darkness broke
From the heat of the glock raises             smoke
Lingering feeling of death is gloom
       Blood now splattered in my.           room
Nothing left this        end is real
    bullet fired causes blood to.             spill
every things gone
    pitch black
  squeezed the trigger i fell back
My blood flowing gurgling cant             even breath
Now from flesh the spirit will                 leave
This was my final
Last time they will
Nothing left but             this sin
Who realy cares how much it cost
They win another time i lost
Just go ahead.            and cry
Tell untruths of how you much.            you care
But not one time.        while alive
Were you ever                 there
lets see all tears.          you cry
And talk about how much youll     miss this guy
And understand.       its all a act
Never gave a dam and thats a fact
Like there was ever another choice to choose

My obituary boldy
   printed in the.               news
Tells the story of a man born to.                lose