I startled I strangled 

I spotted I hooted

Caged in the womb of patriarchy

I pushed my fist up the sky

I spotted I mangled

I flawed I clawed

Crunched in the bond of hypocrisy 

I proclaimed my freedom so high 

I never felt, I never cried

I never pulled,I never picked 

Just a push to be treated a bit more human

I wish I could lie

I shuffled I crumbled

I fought I sought

Chained in a tumbler of dark matter

I felt so high

Mashed in the agony of hope

I saw those lines so clear

Where nights are blue and skies so clear

and stars so bright as daylight’s glare

Reeled in the timeline of obsession 

I breath every moment to live 

Where lives are blues and minds so clear

Heart beat rumbled but mumbled to hear

Proclamation of joy is so quite and Coy

Enslaved in the shell just to declare it hell 

Pretence of grief I danced liked a broken leave 

Fluttering in air in disguise of scare 

I declared my freedom

I am king of my kingdom 

Red in disguise of blue

My blood shall speak for you