Like dashing waves disgorging the shore retreating whimsical
I ponder in sobriety the futility of my multifarious overtures,
Myriad as they are like a rogue vanguard besieging a nemesis
Their efficacy is found wanting mocking my honour with malcontent.
brittle essays laced with Pyrrhic victories marr my span with despondency
In lieue of the pertinent inferiority complex baying for my soul,
Impugned self-esteem is like a weathered schooner engulfed in high seas
Wretched in a thunderstorm writhing in anguish of founderring.
The delve for my destiny is demurred by obstinate hindrances renderring
Appraised success aloof like constellations in our milky way very afar,
With every lithe charge I take three steps back unwithstandingly.
My sparse success lores are pockmarked with potholes of getting
Back to the metaphorical horse saddle put on the reins and gallop.
A wise bone once enunciated a postulation which narrates that,
"In the absence of evidence we blame the innocent"this aphorism relates
Into my stance in a sense that if I have nought to show for my endeavours
I`ll start to blame someone else for my travails.
That truism won`t be a bull in my life as I`m on my itinerary to offset
Suffrance with it`s salacious protegees accosting me in a puny cohort of stifle.