I am onboard again
Frightened as hell
Up, up it goes
Click... Click...Click
Each step
No turning back now
Why did I agree
In the first place?
Oh it's hard to explain
Illuminating moments
That fade, fade, fade
Perhaps there's STILL a way out?!
YES! Perhaps
I can fake illness and scream
It won't do
So long as the coaster stays on its tracks
It is safe
No blunder
But how else can I avoid taking this ride
To hell and back?
I wonder

Teaching has been
A sorrow-FULL
Of old matinees replaying on a broken
sore reel...
I so love this job
I really do
But the episodal stunts
Are deafeningly loud
in this room
I feel the reverberations
Long and late into the quiet of the nights
on end
The ride to-hell-and-back
So dead set on track
That I so wish
I could
Abandon and
Never go back

Scary as the summit be
Woe betide in itself!
It is not just it
'Cos it never does have
a specific destination;
How it flows so evenly
Till it settles in place
Where fatigued
And slow
I lie in slumber,
coiled in lumbar pain

Therein lays
One in tragic state
When the hell-a-coaster
Lands in a toaster
And forgotten

Soon all else will fall in place
For all to see
And the face arisen
Creamed and straightened
Uplifted spirits
On the go
Till everything,
everything doth show

Creased I may seem
Yet I choose to remain
Unfazed by crimson flames
Long forgotten
Still ablaze
Lightened much
As I stand
Tall and still
In my Lord
Naked truth
Done and dusted
Forlorn no more
Him I adore

Creeping near
To this door
Where all filth
Oozing resin
In soul
Sores no more