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the way you walk the way you talk
the way you comb your hair
beautiful eyes as if a angel in disguise
the touch of your hand makes me understand

pitter patter of soft sandle feet
whispers in the corridor
telling me which way to go
when I look into your eyes
then I could see a future
filled up without pain nor sorrow
you walk the walk out of true humility
you stand to admire your inner dignity
yet why can't people see
the great beauty perched as if a white angelic dove
with baby's hair & a woman's eyes
does all of this logic come at a big enough surprise
just to look deep into her eyes
one hand to hold a heart will mend

we shall grow to depend
upon the great notion of love intact
out of every viable circumstance
we  shall learn to take part in the dance
a sil·hou·ette of cashmere green  lattice hung adjacent to her room
pillows were placed seperated by one black cats' apparition
hear she dances in a ring of fire yet throws off each challenge with a shrug
in her world she is carefree far from the onslaught of turmoil
love is the sweet fragrance of her existence as she learns to shun the resistance
sips on her coffee while reading the early morning Sunday news
after a brisk walk along the path that leads to a forest filled with cloven moss covered matter
there in the sunlight amidst the lavender she decides to meditate
through her quaint variation of thought she is brought into a brightened light
a vast orb of personification nestled near a river
out of the vast expanse between space and time she awakes to the forest again
this time with a tear drop in her eye out of sorrowful passions she keeps deep inside
she is new to this place she seeks to mediate
cobblestone lines the forest as an added decor of languished feathered circumstance
she seeks inner solace as in natures beckoning call asunder
the rush of the wind through her hair she faintly succumbs to her heightened reality

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Enjoyed this write from you very much as it reminded me if a scene I how'd Thanksgiving day. Imagery drew me in and painted a picture with words that was well worth the reading. Thank you for sharing.

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