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I had a dream it was kinda extreme, well here's the scheme.

My life was a bit of a calamity, I was on a loosing spree, nothing I could foresee thinking is this it for me. Then flash a glimpse of Infinity.

I saw myself walking a tightrope head hanging down I started to mope when I heard psst, and there was Hope.

When I saw hope there came a big grin as hope said, hold your head up from beginning to end and what you will need is help from my best friend, Discipline.

Well dicipline said, listen good I'm not speaking for fun, you can't let life keep you on the run neither can you let it make you come undone for dicipline deters destruction.

Now your problems you must confront and the solution may take days or it may take months but no matter how intense you must use your moral sense and never straddle the fence and what you will also need is my friend Patience.

So patience advised if life takes you by surprise you must improvise. While you're headed toward your goal just slow your roll, You won't get caught in a bind if you take your time. Welcome the new leave the old behind. I said, patience that sounds just fine.

Then I was walking along a winding ridge until I came to an ugly and dangerous looking bridge. That's where I met another good friend, Courage. 

I said, courage I'm not really sure maybe I need to take a detour. Courage said, you"re having a natural reaction to one of life's many distractions. You see you are never alone when you travel the unknown, for there's one you can call and you don't need a phone.

Still, you must grow a backbone, then stand tall like you're a boss and that ugly bridge I walked right on across. That's when courage said, I'm very strong if you don't use me wrong.

Too little of me and you will crumble, too much of me will make you stumble. So in order to use me right you must learn from my friend Humble.

So I asked humble how do I not stumble. To keep life from making fumble or becoming numb, glum or even humdrum you must learn to overcome and for that you'll need help from my chum, Wisdom.

Wisdom stated, you don't need degree just be part of life and not an absentee nor can you live carefree. Sometimes life's crappy, sometimes a jubilee as you travel this long and wondrous journey.

Which is why you can't walk around blind nor de confined for life is designed to be intertwined, only then will you become alined and you will find Peace of mind.

Let it be known, first you must set the corner stone, then build and don't postpone. But in order to remain for the duration you must have the proper preparation then whatever the circumstance it will prevent poor performance

Nevertheless, there's one element that stands far above and that is Love. Treat it right it will make you stand tall, mistreat it you will fall, it's your call. Because Love is the Master Key to unlocking all doors Even INFINITY.

And this is what that Glimpse showed me.