Time sinks 
with each blink 
of the eyes. 
No more signs in the skies. 
Hope is lost amongst us 
in our bustling rush. 
Faith no more 
washes ashore 
assurance of our purpose 
on the surface 
of this ground we walk; 
losing eye contact as we talk 
to each other, empty, 
yet, full with plenty. 
We appreciate nothing, 
always leaving with something, 
pockets never deep, 
but humanity is cheap. 
Truth we must pay for. 
Lies, though, freely pour, 
out of our mouths, 
just as the clouds 
release the rains 
as blood into the earth's veins, 
sprouting life for us to breathe 
into our souls, which will soon float 
out into the endless scope 
we no longer believe in, 
so-called oblivion, 
sealing our fates 
with muddled slates, 
leaving behind 
the blind leading the blind, 
racing to beat the clock, 
still ignoring God's knock.