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Shall I measure the winds own weight

Replace Peter at the golden gate

Elevate the skies to match your eyes

Change the truth to match your lies

Glance at me but just once more

And I shall remove the sea from shore

And build you God’s whitened wings

That you may rise above all these things

Above the harm and pain of earth

As I shall love you long past dirt

A grain is but a man of salt

A perfect love but he cannot

But rise from deep inside his chest

To find a love that never rest

Wrong or right for you I’ll fight

That you may love me just one night

As suffering and love become best friends

You the summer… and I her wind

Although the scent of you can endanger me

I would breathe on folded knee

And I shall weaken as a man

If it helps you make one last stand

I know you’re just a woman in skin

But underneath that bedroom sin

A spirit and soul on a destined flight

You’re everything the world got right

And I would be so proud of you

If I am chosen to be your groom

I will change gloom and doom to light

As life begins its end with you my wife

From first the rise of blazoned sun

Until life has told us we are done

Never has the world unleashed

This power of love in man or beast

The love I have left to show

I will prove my love by never letting go

And turn the west into the east

And you’re starving love into a feast

But even if you choose to say hell no

I don’t care… I still won’t go