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In the canyons above time

I breathe through my heart

While drinking in red rhyme

But there’s a wind a whirling

There’s a storm a swirling

In the center of an unforgiven soul

Whisper me those wind songs

Tell me you love me then go on

To all four corners of the unknown

Poetry is for the living

For those who believe in forgiving

For the dead forgot the living

And so it goes

We are all just little starships

Little boats in little skin slips

Our journey is the only place to go

So write me a little wind song

About how flowers get along

Under blue skies and sunshine

And how we grow

Until the day we both die

Let’s not tell anymore lies

Then dancing under two suns

Shake our rounded little fun buns

Until the sky begins to cry black snow

And though we only live so long

We can always sing our own song

In the end were just a little movie show

Life and flowers and wind songs

Living while dying is a sing along

Come on and bring your fiddle

And your bow