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Hurt me then expose me to the cold

Rape me inside you, me and my mortal soul

Oh! But for love of her ravishing stains

Cuts nor bruises can’t bleed in this game


It starts easy with round dark eyes

So cold but so firm are her thighs

Gunpowder with Sunpowder nose

A lust puts on a swollen show


Sweet worlds of delicious subtractions

Trust spread out like cold morning toast

Hellos and I’ve got to have ya

In ways few alive will ever know


Marble tongues made to surrender

Her hair spun up all in chorus gold

A lie one can easily remember

Except for the patch on her soul


I feel she’s been fatally folded

Lust blurts out her mortal decree

Dead and alive are her memories

Yet in death she won’t remember me


Shall I defend such rising sunsets?

Now that I know sweet gleaming woe

From that light that can never escape us

Imprisoned in depths of a hole


Head to toe

Below marble hat

Dirt forever her season

The reason for a secret dirt pat




Authors Note:

(Yes, I know this is sick, but some don’t)