And so it was at the end of Jesus the rains began

And the rain filled twelve ponds and became twelve lakes

Each lake having Jesus rain but turning twelve different colors

Each of the twelve lakes sure that their lakes held the fish of Christ

Yet all twelve types of fish, from twelve lakes, looked and swam differently

Those who came to fish in the twelve lakes, became confused as to the one true lake

As land began to move away from these twelve lakes, the waters competed for the land

And the land spoke, saying I am confused in which of you, is the true waters of Jesus

Each lake spoke to land certainly, I am the true water of Jesus, beware of the other eleven

Land being a believer in Christ, began to taste the water at each of the twelve lakes

Land found the color and fish to be different, but the taste of the water was the same

And so it was that land realized that the color of the fish is not as important as the taste.