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In dusk lye gone horizons

A hero’s bust of humanity

Wrapped in starlet blue purple

Something in the stars is afoot


In a heart struck of earth

Embedded in lost daydreams

A life full of simple surrenders

Glares back like a wolf at me


Immersion of splitting souls

Earrings in jewelry box sold

Lying all alone for years

No ears to hear or tend to tears


Faith can be so merciless

Snow feelings shedding her skin

Tears fall with her snowflakes

Another year here living with her dead


And what of life’s grandeur

What of wedding bell’s once told?

And what makes up a mans honor

For the country he upholds


Can it be the blood of love?

The bruise of coursing veins

Hardening of a cold heart artery

21 gun salutes cannot scare away his stains


What of the promise of ever after

Shot down as camouflage fatigued

She waits to fight together so somber

On the battlefield with dead old me!


This is what can happen

When love cannot die