Such true love

And so it was

The heart was cut

The blood let

And knew this thing

That never was

Of fresh milk skin

And Innocents


Quaver ascent

Euphoric rise

Beyond the under sky


Exalted above the dove

In God such is love

Forever seizing my hour

As angelic eyes devour

Life’s final love


Her eyes stain domains

With hopeless future

Truth runs the vein

Scent of world must remain

Fresh in un-wrinkled skin

I begin

As glory greets the sun

In spread feather wings

She comes

She is Gods chosen one

One beyond wrongful living

Never of touch or tarnish

Heart of hope and all forgiving

White in world in marble varnish

Time lives inside her lungs

Breathing lamb zenith

Yet she is only one, but

One that is everyone

My heart stretched out of reach

Cleansed in her kinetic light

Shown a world with no deceit

So bright defeat retreats from fight

My hard heart of stone ball straw

Heaven saw an made a call

Trading my desperate smile

For one day and one last mile

This sweet angel wild of bliss

Forgiven in a kiss

Aqueous Humor Umbilicus