Perhaps is a poem from the Socialist

perhaps you might have heard

you think you know the Socialist

perhaps you know his words


Perhaps you know how the government spends

your accountant pays dividends

your taxes paid for better roads

teachers got raises to educate the child

perhaps more of us should enter the wild


Perhaps this reality doesn’t reach us

afterall, there are terrorists underneath the bed

this government makes decisions over drinks at Club Med


Perhaps your cupboards too are bare

you too shop through windows

only affording a stare

perhaps you too are poor

working 1, 2, 3 jobs and 4


Perhaps no man could be this bold

these thoughts are crazy, so you’ve been told

I’ll tell you the truth about golden rule weird

I’ll tell you why the Socialist is so feared

the truth is considered too dangerous

perhaps the government doesn’t want to anger us


Perhaps the truth is out there

just a rant by the Man unseen

Perhaps the truth is out there

Or perhaps, this is just a dream