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It starts before the angry dawn

Clasped in olive drab clad hands

Prayers sung in country psalms

In manmade madman dawns


Lit by war fire skies

Steel peels back mankind

Whistling of spiral bombs

Singing death drop songs


Warriors invade foreign space

In war they find regretful grace

The killing in first degree disgrace

Till hunger becomes their new taste


At sunset the flags come out

Victories leave their mouths

But innocents as it’s laid out

Find the victors’ eyes fall out


The waves recede back home

The night finds dreadful bones

The fight now soaks their moans

God and country no longer sown


So they wait for seas to subside

But seas scream and tide is high

The pain gains in bloodshot eyes

Women and children, wartime cries


Doctors of soothing soon begin losing

Family and friends can’t find the time

All alone a new warrior begins seething

Psychologically they’ve stop their breathing


But clean dawns will come with time

Though reason may never find its rhyme

Some take to the darker red wine

Few will escape their wartime crimes


It starts before the angry dawn

New warriors in olive drab hands

Rise up for their patriotic song

If only they could hear the old Uncle Sam’s


And again the waves begin their receding!