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Courage dies within humbled blood

Honor commands its mortal silence

Tribute to Yahweh deed

The white cometh,

Raised up of skin

Floats of souls passing

Honor for honor

Death befriends

Ribbons of valor

Camouflage in a flower


In wisdom

Lye’s a child

In deaths arms

It cannot charm,

Nor can it pretend

To ascend to honor

To aureole rise

Of glorious men,

Honor lives in forever

Wisdom retreats in mortal end


In the dying dawns

Of melting men

Lipless syllables

Begin their callings,

That of courageous truth

Of courageous men

Metalized and memorialized

Protectors from our suns falling,

We suspend most mortal of all sins

Knowing death has no other rival


Yes, death is kin to fighting men

Death expects no less than honor

Honors them as deaths best friend

Selecting them to meet thy father,

As death is very pleased to be

The most humbling part of life

Life extends the human reef

As death decrease’s strife,

Guardians of all free souls

Fighters for those living life


10 lines of 5 falling in

Salute a soldiers coming home

Hail the Victors cleansed of sin

Hats of halos in highest heaven

Where mortal sins no longer offend

21 salutes 3 times with brothers 7

Hero’s of Arlington welcome souls

The bravest men unlived in 6 foot holes

We thank you men of land and sea

For every sunrise we awaken free