I've got to cover my grey to hide my age,

to cover my face to hide my tears,

I've got to cover my pain with a smile,

I must speak to you of all good things,

while i cleverly hide my heartache.

I am destined to suffer alone,

for no man has the strength to share my burdens.

I must put on a brave front, so as not to bring you down.

Pretend that my body is not racked with pain.

Pretend that I'm righteous to escape condemnation.

Pretend that I am filled when I have been laid bare

Pretend that we are friends, because you once knew me.

Pretend that I have heard your voice or shared time with you,

But in the end I am alone, saved as a precious morsel for

my maker, while my guardian angels stand watch over my soul,

keeping me from slipping all the further into an abyss of destruction.

They hold me but by a thread of my own hair,

yet they rescue me daily.

I linger here, for reasons not revealed to me,

my light not fully put out,

flickering dimly for an expanse of time,

Perhaps for you, perhaps for the good will that I hold in my heart,

or for another chance to get it right,

or mearly to rejoice that I have been fed, sheltered, and enjoyed your

love, your presence and shared your joy and your burdens.

Most definately I have seen many beautiful days given me,

I have survived the storms and been spared much.

I seek comfort, joy and freedom from pain,

I seek victory over the wiles that plague me.

Strengten me, give me peace and wisdom and let me not dissappoint.