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Melting mates we’ve become

So inspiring we succumb

Melt with me candle top

Hot pooling hot spot

Puddling water falling wax

Heat and flame

Melted hot wax pain

Spattering and squirming

Heated shadow hissing stains

Night lovers unchained

In morally corrupted pain


Cylindrical skin

Melting apart we start

In conjoining solidarity

Traces of fire lines

Find our parts

Draping droplet and clusters

Sleek and surrendering

To heated remembering

I pause in a hot second

Beckoning the glow

Delightful remembrance

Suddenly shows


Your Forbidden flame

Calls out my name

Hissing down the flows

Midnight burning

Churning and yearning

For droplets of beaded fire

Before the tired morning glow

Untamed flames melt me

One last time

My pooling mate

Let it flow


Overflowing slowly

Before the wicked end

Consuming friends

Melt me now

Melt us both

Before the blowing wind

Gather the glowing

Spilled over knowing

Some may call it a sin

Little wax pins

It’s a knack

Another kind

Of sweet attack


Bare and burnt scented deeds

Planting midnight waxy seeds

Firefight’s against the light

We succumb to delight

Choking in rising smoke

Blown up in desire

Tearing out the night

Morning arrives without the fire

The death of skin we sired


But tonight we’ll begin again

Branding of new fresh flesh

You in a hot red dress

In hidden downstairs den

We’ll meet at dusk

In the smell of musk

Away from mouthy winds

Where pooling heat seeps

And screams begin

Fire in wax

Dripped just right

Such a painful delight