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Dead night sunlight sheds me off

Dank hugs without recoil

Torn between the knees of thrones

Soiled view of a famous Jew

Or to thrive on human juice unused


King crowns are not really found

Not in fear nor in earthly realm

Found is air stiff and cold

Stuck below in crying soul

Freely beating lungs out loud

Till shadows swallow my stain

Full of meanings lastly leaving

Sharing words with redwood rain


Trees shed these secrets

Falling leaves with falling seasons

Lonely leaves flee with the wind

Trees form the warmth of friends

Found in leaves where fine lines end

Full and beautiful barking strife

Fine lines that beautify my life


Leaves settle into cold ground

Floating around the final white

Blending into the end of sight

A frozen freeze is sneezed

Blowing out the final flaw  

A unique snowflake leaf

Life fully lived melts in fall


Cold and alone this writer’s breeze

Root words captured then set free

On cold and snowy naked me

Floating cold my wet best friends

Found freedom in flying with the wind