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What is it in victory that spurs us on?

Rising above the champion’s song

Where heart and eyes meet in lust

Tears within truth release in us

Victory…and we jump too our feet

One true voice screaming against defeat

Spirited release beyond care as we feel it

Something inside rises above the spirit

Victory… Victory…Victory…


Exhaust from the lungs empty out

Palms turning up without any doubt

Wet eyes searching skies

Awaiting the prize

I find myself so alive

I must shout



There is no pain

But something to gain

A chance to reach glory

Not on T.V. not in a love story

In a lifetime of defeat

We get one chance to seek

Our champion within

To wear the crown like a friend

You can see it…you must seize it



In through the nose air rushes

Out through the eyes water gushes

Muscle and brain way over strained

The loud crowd suddenly hushes

Holding the breath creating your best

It’s why victory is held above us

All the be fore’s we slept with defeat

Eyes now rise where hand and heart meet

The music starts your national anthem

Days and nights working so hard and long

But on this stand there’s nothing wrong

Here comes that swelling pride within your crying eyes

Letting your spirit fill the whole sky you arise

To meet Victory

And the gold


Never again will you be any more or less than this – the very best!