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If in the dark

you fumbled for the switch

and instead your hand came to rest 

upon the sharp jagged edge of the unknown

and felt the hot air

or is it breath?

Was it the settling of the house

or maybe it was the low trembling growl

from the unseen beast

or better yet the rumbling

from his empty stomach?

Would you become breathless

and stand still in the new fear

as you prayed to an unknown God?

Would you quickly rip your hand away

and let forth a scream from your lips

filled with the life of your lungs?

Would you hurl yourself forward

in the deluded hope of finding the light?


I would smile and say,

"I have been waiting for you my friend.

What took you so long?"

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I liked this poem but I wonder if it would have had more punch if you left off the ending starting with "Me." It seemed anticlimactic. But you managed to find enough new territory with a well worn subject to be entertaining. That's a feat!

Joshua Hennen
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love it!!! i do agree with josh somewhat - i think sticking with "you" the entire way holds more weight. but i still LOVE IT!!! especially how the "low trembling growl" equates to his empty stomach.

el socialisto
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Thank you guys and that is an excellent point. I wanted to show a separation between the audience and the narrator with the various visceral reactions. But it does take away from the suspense of the piece....I will revisit this one and see.

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