Hollywood is little more than a glitzy tourist trap
Angelinos know the movies are made in Burbank
Or Vancouver
Or Sydney
Or anywhere where the dollar is more elastic

Hollywood has become an excuse to act the fool
Angelinos know that trust fund kids don't work
Or go to public schools
Or go to county jail
Or need skills to pay for their unearned lifestyle

Hollywood used to be where the stars shined
Angelinos know that you can't see shit in smog
Or feel a cool breeze
Or feel remotely healthy
Or stay sane on the inane MTA daily bus grind

Hollywood is where fantasy is sold in dime bags
Angelinos know that the easiest scores are there
Or new gangsta wannabes
Or new cars to be stolen
Or fresh innocence to be taken advantage of

La La Land is the password to rich entitlement
Hollyweird is the all-night tweaker playground
Postcards designed by pre-adolescent minions
Holly wouldn't ever seek out such a place
if the sellers of dreams didn't make it
so damn easy
to get lost
in the lie