Bored as hell

I wish I had a lover

in this dire time of need

To stop me

from hating me

To prevent me

from condemning me

To halt me

from mutilating me

Where are you?

Mon amant

I await you patiently

My heart cries out in frustration

I lack the love I require

to function daily

Instead I ache from agitation

I am weaker than they imagine

Nothing but a frail shell of a human

being trapped in this younger body

I have aged well beyond my years

I am the dead

As dead as the Egyptian hieroglyphs

no one cares much for

I ask again: Where are you?

Mon amant

I need you desperately

I need you more then you need me

I no longer want this hurt

I want to be free!

I am too exhausted to cry

And I have shed too many tears all my life

Save me please

My soul cries out to you

Screaming your name with love

Show me

Guide me

Show yourself!

You have been invisible for far too long

And I have been the same to you

See these words

Read my mind

like I want you to

Free my soul

from this purgatory

Mon amant

Where are you?