“And I sing a moonlight song wishing the stars would right all wrongs”


Break away from the mist

Steal the heavens and clasp their light in your fist

One evening song plays

Along the streets quietly toward us it strays

Revere the one composer

Playing on and on down the hall

Until our bleakest reality becomes a blur

And we reach out, wanting more

Into our hearts this song it plays

Until our moon returns to us, out of the mist

Descending past the lightning’s blaze

To dwell in this lake of music, to exist

Among us

In our eyes, as we listen with our minds

And hold to our very wildest imaginations

Conjuring images from our innermost sensations

Like a black magic that has the mind possessed

And in fear of the harmony

 That stirs the stars into a dark tempest

And amidst this chaos, only the moon can rest